About yushi

Professional Japanese Style Tattoo Artist in San Diego, CA

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Yushi started his career as a tattoo artist in 1999. After he learned traditional Japanese tattooing through apprenticeship in Japan, he was influenced by various cultures and artists, and now he has established his own style with a refined technique.

His unique tattoo style is well known in the tattoo industry and the media as an authentic style of Japanese tattooing with vivid and vibrant color. His interest on subjects of tattoo art are varied from vigorous and dynamic subjects such as the dragon, foo-dog, tiger, and koi-fish to more elegant subjects like the phoenix, lotus flower, peony, chrysanthemum, etc. With his large scale tattoo-covering back piece, chest, or full sleeve, you will be satisfied in decorating your body with his art work.

Yushi formerly worked out of Japan, Korea and Los Angeles, but in 2016, he joined Guru Tattoo in San Diego, CA and is currently working there.

If you are looking for a Japanese style tattoo artist in San Diego, or are interested in tattoos, events, interviews or have any questions or comments for Yushi please email him at masteryushi@gmail.com